Friday, November 16, 2007

Reaching new heights of Political Correctedness...Ho Ho Ho to Ha Ha Ha !

It is more than amusing no I mean it is ridiculous !

Australia has now banned the use of "Ho Ho Ho" - the news of an Aussie recruitment firm Westaff, replacing "ho ho ho" with "ha ha ha" has travelled fast, with people in New Zealand, the UK and the US amazed at the "extreme" political correctness. It all started when Westaff told its Christmas trainees that the "ho, ho, ho" phrase could frighten children and possibly be derogatory to women.

Well, I don't think kids relate the ho ho ho to anything other than Santa getting them presents. It remains to be seen how this Christmas will turn out ! Ha Ha !

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Sasha Cagen's To-Do List - From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us

So almost everyone at one time or another in their life time has had a to-do list...right ? Well, Sasha Cagen has collected to-do lists for 7 years from thousands of people. People mailed their To-Do-Lists to her or emailed her the jpegs.

Sasha was so fascinated by the variety and depth of these lists that she started a magazine called - yup - To-Do Lists. Her new book To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us is a compilation of these fascinating lists. From ordinary grocery lists to life goals these lists satisfy the voyeur in each of us. I just ordered the book and can't wait to get it.

It will be a great conversation starter for all those holiday get togethers.

Here is an interview about the book.

42 % of us here in the US make to-do lists. And according to Sasha our to-do lists reveal something about us. Voyeuristic and interactive, To-Do List will show you just how much -- and what -- your lists say about you.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

10 Ways to Create Your Own Luck !

Lisa Haneberg who writes 4 blogs - Management Craft, 2 Weeks 2 a Breakthrough, Chile Pepper High, and Essay a Smile has a great style of writing....she thinks its laconic....but I say its not tooooo wordy :) but just right. Although I do like Ayn Rand who does get very non-laconic in her writing which i do like to indulge once in a while. Lisa is a a small business owner of Haneberg Management, and the author of H.I.M.M.: (High Impact Middle Management): Solutions for Today's Busy Managers, Organization Development Basics, Coaching Basics,Focus Like a Laser Beam and several short e-books.

Here are her 10 ways to create your own luck !

10. Get real. If you are on a computer, surfing the net, and reading blogs, you have a lot to feel lucky about. Your life is great already.
9. Determine who you should know. They say it’s not what you know but who you know. So get to know the right people!
8. Be more observant. Luck is all around you.
7. Take a chance every now and then. S-t-r-e-t-c-h yourself.
6. Do your research. Master a topic so that your brain can get into the nitty gritty of the inner workings where the tiniest of advantages can be discovered and utilized.
5. Say you are lucky and you are (Pygmalion).
4. Be more curious and ask lots of open ended questions that open doorways to new conversations and opportunities.
3. Notice the habits and disciplines of lucky people around you. Learn from what they do.
2. Share your dreams until you are blue in the face due to lack of oxygen.
1. Play more to win more (in life that is, I am not advocating gambling).

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tired of iTunes and the fact that you can only download the songs on an iPod?

Tired of iTunes and the fact that you can only download the songs on an iPod?

I found that, Amazon now has 2 million songs from more than 180,000 artists represented by over 20,000 major and independent labels, Amazon MP3 complements's existing selection of over 1 million CDs. I thought this was really cool since most of the songs are 10 cents less than on iTunes.

Also, every song and album on Amazon MP3 is available exclusively in the MP3 format without digital rights management (DRM) software. This means that you are free to enjoy your music downloads using any hardware device, organize your music using any music management application, and burn songs to CDs.

The top 100 best-selling songs are 89 cents. Every song on Amazon MP3 is encoded at 256 kilobits per second, which gives you high audio quality at a manageable file size.

This is great for those who dont want to spring for an iPod !

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

10 Rarest Animals..opps - 11 Rarest Animals in the world !

  1. Pinta Island tortoise
  2. Baiji (Yangtze River Dolphin)
  3. Vancouver Island Marmot
  4. Seychelles Sheath-tailed Bat
  5. Javan Rhino
  6. Hispid hare
  7. Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat
  8. Tamaraw (Dwarf Water Buffalo)
  9. Iberian Lynx
  10. Red Wolf
  11. Dwarf Blue Sheep
Here is the link :

10 Rarest Animals

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sexy isn't a's a state of mind ! 5 ways to bring "Sexy Back"

Live by that mantra you can charm anyone ! Seduction is a whole lot more than being primped and perfumed in a killer pair of pumps....its about being charming and confident in yourself !

Here are 5 ways to bring "sexy back" into your life.....Women only !
  1. Be mysterious - A little secretiveness can go a long way to keep them guessing !
  2. Shower your body with love - Take care of those curves and those curves will take care of the rest.
  3. Reach out and touch someone - Boost your confidence by doing something extraordinary in your community. Find out who needs help and help !
  4. Make something of yourself - Don't neglect your career and/or role in life. Don't put yourself in the back seat for too long because of family. Go out there and make a difference.
  5. Highlight your best attributes - both physical and emotional....each woman is different and so be proud of what you are and who you are. Make those work for you.

Self assured women make great mates ! Self confident women can lift anyone's spirits..and in life there are many people who need their spirits to be lifted. I always have believed in - what Bambi's mom said - "if you cant say something nice don't say nothing at all" Charm, poise and good manners make you very "sexy" !

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Have you seen the "Upside Down House" to Protest Poland's Communist Era & Today's Troubled Times

This upside-down house was created by Daniel Czapiewski, a Polish businessman and philanthropist, to describe the former communist era and the present times in which we live. It took 114 days to build this structure. It is said that the construction workers took breaks as they felt dizzy and disoriented with all the weird angles of the house.

This attraction is in the village of Szymbark, and in the Kaszuby area (by the Baltic sea, North of Poland) - A ceiling instead of a floor and furniture above your head - a feeling of dizziness, is the feeling visitors have upon entering the house, after just a few seconds of walking around the structure, which is also tilted sideways to add to the effect.

Czapiewski had the idea to build his house when Poland was still under communist rule. It was then that he realized practically all decisions of the ruling communist party were detached from reality. Today the house is a symbol of every wrong doing against humanity. "This house is a warning about the path we are taking," Czapiewski said.

Here is a video clip of the upside-down house in Poland.

Czapiewski's corperation which specializes in wooden houses, would normally
take 21 days to construct a wooden house. He remembers that his workers had to take an hour's break every three hours while working inside the house because they were feeling disorientated and confused from the strange angles of the walls.

The upside down house is not the first unusual structure made or devised by Czapiewski. He is infamous for making the longest single piece of wood in the world - a Guinness World Record.

Source : Reuters

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Did you know how many hot dogs are consumed on July 4th?

Interesting statistics compiled by Andrea Dickson of Wisebread:

  • Number of hot dogs to be consumed on July 4th: 150 million - More hot dogs are eaten in July than any other month of the year, which is why it is designated National Hot Dog Month.
  • Amount of chicken purchased in the week leading up to July 4th: 700 million pounds
  • Amount of red meat/pork purchased in the week leading up to July 4th: 190 million pounds
  • Percentage of American households with outdoor grills: 87
  • Amount of fireworks sold to individuals for personal celebrations in 2006: 252 million pounds
  • Amount of fireworks sold to cities and municipalities for public celebrations last year: 25 million pounds
  • Amount of fireworks sold to individuals for personal celebrations in 2000: 102 million pounds
  • Total dollar amount spent on fireworks in 2007: 900 million dollars
  • Total dollar amount spent on fireworks in 2000: 350 million dollars
  • Percentage of fireworks sales that take place in late June and early July: 80
  • Number of people injured by fireworks in 2006: 9,200
  • Dollar amount of fireworks imported to the US from China in 2006: 212 million
  • Dollar amount of American flags imported into the US from China in 2006: 5 million a lot of number crunching !

How did the hot dog get its name?

The term "hot dog" is credited to sports cartoonist Tad Dorgan. At a 1901 baseball game at the Polo Grounds in New York, vendors began selling hot dachsund sausages in rolls.

Do I spread my condiment on the meat or on the bread?

Always dress the dog and not the bun


Friday, June 29, 2007

What movie should I watch this weekend? Try Online Services - via Mail or Download !

DVD Internet Rentals are the way to go for the millions who still deal with aging computers.

You can rent movies from Netflix via the internet. Plus Netflix has lowered its monthly fee for one its most popular prescription plans by $1, to match a reduction made by rival Blockbuster earlier this month. The service mails another DVD after subscribers return one of their other discs in pre-paid envelopes.

One thing I do like about Netflix is the NEW "Watch It Now"in addition to receiving DVDs by mail, you will be able to watch movies online instantly. This new feature is included in your Netflix membership at no additional charge.

Basically, the program transforms your browser window into a complete movie-viewing interface with DVD-like functionality, like
  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Browse by chapter
  • Double-click to make the movie play in full-screen
  • Add movies to your Netflix Queue
  • Rate movies
  • Find similar movies through Netflix
Here you can read / see more about the feature It explains the features very well.

Netflix has also joined us bloggers and now have their blog up to interact with its members. So there you have it ! Get ready for your weekend without leaving your house !

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

MIND YOUR THOUGHTS by By Anil Bhatnagar

Have you ever thought about the fact that there is never a moment when you are not thinking—that whatever happens in this world begins with a thought? Here are five simple steps to help you manage your thoughts and achieve success and happiness in life

Start watching your thoughts, without identifying with them. Watch them as a detached observer.

You may even get carried away by your thoughts. Never mind. It is natural—especially for a beginner. What you need to do, whenever you detect this, is to take yourself out of your thoughts immediately and get back to the process of thought-watching once again as a detached observer.

Do not get perturbed by your thoughts. Don't condemn or justify them. Don't try to control them. Just watch them. After some time, you will come to know what your negative thoughts are about. Now concentrate on all the positive thoughts that you can replace these thoughts with, in order to switch over to a more positive attitude towards them. Our attempt should be to cut down the quantity of unnecessary thoughts and to improve the quality of the necessary ones. Keep yourself busy. Simple food, deep breathing and relaxation exercises also help manage your thoughts easily. Expect less from others.

Keep a logbook. Jot down your thoughts. Write down happenings of the day. Were they positive, appropriate and adequate or were they confused, superfluous and negative? Could you notice the interval between the happening and your response? If yes, could your foresee your negative thoughts? If not, what can, you do to notice this interval? Was there any discrepancy between words and thoughts? If yes, was it justified—could you find a better way of harmonizing your words and thoughts? Was the verbal response necessary, appropriate and adequate?

Sometimes we talk to others, or simply to ourselves, or think about something just like that. Ask yourself what provoked you to take the initiative to start a conversation. Was it essential? What was the purpose? Did it serve the purpose? If no, then why not? Did it use any unnecessary and emotionally charged negative words? Were the words used in thinking, inner dialogue or in talking to the other person, precise, appropriate, adequate and positive? Did you feel happy or satisfied after the interaction with the other person or with your inner self? Can you find ways of improving your performance as a thinker or a speaker?

Keep in mind that logbooks are meant to get you started and make you aware of your negative thoughts. It is far more important, however, to be aware of these thoughts when they are just taking birth, rather than leave them for later analysis.

Be conscious of the interval that separates the event from thoughts with which you respond to the event.

Imagine a strong sun radiating a powerful light. Use this mental sunshine to kill your negative, undesirable thoughts, emotions and images as and when these are detected. Take this sun as a mighty weapon which is always on the alert and which automatically chases any negative thought and kills it with a flash and then withdraws. Don't forget to imagine that this sun is your faithful friend and is extremely kind to you.

Keep a note of how many times you need to call the sun for its services. There will be a gradual increase, followed by a drastic fall. This is so because initially the number of times you call on your mental sunshine increases gradually as your awareness of your thoughts grows.

The drastic fall is because what we do not use (the negative thoughts, in this case), we tend to lose.

A vital step in this process is the immediate replacement of all negative thoughts by the positive ones. The shorter the interval between the disinfecting and the replacing stage, the better it is. Longer intervals between these two events weaken the impact of the positive thoughts. Our success and happiness depend on identifying our goals precisely and chasing them effectively, both of which, in turn, depend on how well we manage our thoughts. The quality of our thoughts decides the quality of the outcomes we land up with. Thoughts have the power to materialize themselves because they are instrumental in channeling energy towards the physical or mental condition they are about.

External situations and the remarks of others can harm us through our thoughts—but only to the extent our thoughts allow them to. So think positive. Talk positive. Read positive quotable quotes of great people. Surround yourself with posters and cards bearing positive messages. Keep them on your table. Hang them on the walls. Paste them near the bathroom mirror and on the doors. Stick them on your watchstrap. Keep them on the refrigerator. Have them on the dashboard of the car. Slip them under the glass of the table in front of you. Slide them in the inner side of the briefcase you carry. Find other suitable places where you are bound to look at them every day.

Remember that these messages will stale with prolonged use. So keep changing their position and contents. Do not let the momentum of these thoughts get weaker.

Use them appropriately in response to specific negative thoughts. The replacing thought must be positive in every sense. Apart from being inspiring and assuring, it should also be suggestive. For example, if you confront a negative thought, "I can never succeed", it will not suffice if you replace it with "Sun! Attack! I can succeed". This kind of replacement may not be effective, for it sounds like wishful thinking and lacks assurance, depth and penetrating certainty. It is better to break your replacing thought down into more definite and specific steps or instructions.

The replacing thought in this case may be: "I can succeed. By earlier failures I have become rich in experience and have come to know specific areas that require special attention. I will jot them down and systematically think of the ways in which I can improve. I shall plan. And then stick to it. There is absolutely no reason why I should not succeed. I will assess, plan, execute, monitor, modify and carryon with the plan, and finally succeed. In fact, I think that success has already been achieved and only time separates my thought of success and its transformation into reality. I am committing myself to all that is required to achieve success. I am a river that knows no obstacles. I shall find my way anyhow—and if there is none I shall make one."

Thoughts like these can be further reinforced with emotions and images. All this may take longer than one single replacing thought, but these are far more effective since they allow you to divide the desired target into workable units. Focus on a pleasant event that took place in the past. This way your thoughts will turn positive and your emotions and images will reinforce each other, resulting in an overall positive attitude.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shock & Awe ! Deadliest Shooting in US History - 33 dead in massacre in Virginia Tech

History was made yesterday when , CHO SEUNG-HUI, 23, a South Korean native took 32 lives as well as his own at Virginia Tech on Monday April 16th 2007. Cho was enrolled as an undergraduate student in his senior year as an English major. The rampage consisted of two attacks, more than two hours apart, which took place at around 7:15 a.m. Monday morning when two people were killed at West Ambler Johnston Hall dormitory. Later that morning, the remaining victims were killed in Norris Hall, the engineering studies building.

The massacre Monday, took place almost eight years to the day after the Columbine High bloodbath near Littleton, Colo. On April 20, 1999, two teenagers killed 12 fellow students and a teacher before taking their own lives.

Previously, the deadliest campus shooting in U.S. history was a rampage that took place in 1966 at the University of Texas at Austin, where Charles Whitman climbed the clock tower and opened fire with a rifle from the 28th-floor observation deck. He killed 16 people before he was shot to death by police.

About Virginia Tech :

Founded in 1872, Virginia Tech is nestled in southwestern Virginia, about 160 miles west of Richmond. With more than 25,000 full-time students, it has the state's largest full-time student population. The school is best known for its engineering school and its powerhouse Hokies football team.

I am watching TV and President Bush console the family of Virginia Tech. The convocation that is taking place has been appropriate and will bring a feeling of comfort and unity in the community. I pray for all the victims and their families.

Monday, April 16, 2007

People Asks "What Do You Think of Idol's Sanjaya?"

The Indian American teenage singer has enjoyed superstar success so far, receiving the judges’ criticism with a big broad smile on his face each time and everytime thus becoming even more endearing to the viewers at home.

He’s not taking himself that seriously and he seems to enjoy his time on stage. With this tenacity Sanjaya has ganied legions of genuine fans and among them are the 3 million Indian-Americans, who feel proud that one of their own is knocking on the door of mainstream commercial success. Now news flies that even Senator Hilary Clinton loves Sanjaya.
Sanajaya is the now the most talked about contestant on American Idol. And when it comes to generating buzz about Sanjaya , Reality TV Magazine is at the top of the list according to a recent study by Nielsen BuzzMetrics. After analyzing blog links since January 1, 2007, Nielsen BuzzMetrics ranked Reality TV Magazine as the most cited by blogs discussing Sanjaya.

The Los Angeles Times has explained that that Sanjaya’s success resides in the fact that “he's such a good sport.”

Here is what some celeb's are saying about Sanjaya Malakar - American Idol's newest star....

Mary J. Blige: I don't think he's horrible, but everybody's making it where he's just horrible. I've heard worse.
Diana DeGarmo: I believe more power to him. If he can do it, go for it.
Joel Madden: I'm hoping he wins, because Howard Stern's been trying to get him votes, and I love Howard.
Kevin Nealon: I'm not a 'Fanjaya,' but I like that he's still in there. It's fun seeing how long Sanjaya will stay.

For more go here tot he entire article on People Magazine Article : What Do You Think of Idol's Sanjaya? Also see Carson Daly: I'm Voting for Sanjaya

Saturday, April 14, 2007

10 Foods Your Skin Will Love

Great Advice !

You want to have a brighter complexion that’s free from fine lines, dry, flaky bits, spots, acne and red blotchy patches; skin that doesn’t feel as though it’s dying a slow and painful death from exposure to all manner of evil elements.

Originally uploaded by Papa Razzi1.

Yes, you can nurture your skin with products designed to protect it on the outside, but it’s the internal nurturing you do that will really help make a difference. We have known for some time that our skin is a reflection of our nutritional status. What’s really exciting, though, is that we are beginning to understand much more about the best foods to consume to improve the health, functioning and beauty of our skin. Remember, you only get out of it what you put into it.

Here’s my guide to beautiful, healthy skin you’ll be proud of.

1. CARROTS: help protect against skin cancer

Carrots are an excellent source of the antioxidant group called carotenoids, the most common being Beta carotene. During prolonged exposure to UV rays, blood levels of B-carotene decrease. which can increase the risk of skin cancer. Studies have shown that consuming 30mg of B-carotene per day (that’s the equivalent of about four carrots) for two weeks before, as well as during, a “holiday in the sun”, prevents the drop in B-carotene associated with increased cancer risk. It may also increase the reflective capacity of the skin. The combination of increasing the amount of carotenoids in the diet, and using sunscreen, appears to enhance the protective effects of both.

2. FISH: involved in calming inflammation of the skin

Fish contains dietary compounds valuable for the skin. It’s a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids that combat free radicals that damage collagen networks within the skin. Omega-3 is a substance that will invade areas with infected pimples, helping to reduce inflammation. Some studies also confirm its benefits for reducing inflammatory skin conditions such as dermatitis and psoriasis. Oily fish, such as salmon, mackerel, sardines and tuna, are excellent omega-3 sources and need to be consumed about three times a week to ensure a good intake of omega-3. If you are allergic to fish or don’t like it, see the list below for some alternative sources of omega-3.

If you are not a fish eater, add one of the following for the same amount of omega-3 fats as a 150g salmon fillet:
2 tablespoons (40g) walnut oil
2 tablespoons (40g) wheat germ oil
2 tablespoons (40g) soy bean oil
1 1/2 tablespoon (30g) canola oil
3 1/2 tablespoons (18g) linseed
4 tablespoons (60g) walnuts
1 1/2 cups (300g) soy beans, uncooked


Nutrients in dark-green leafy vegetables such as spinach, silver beet, Asian greens and dark-green salad mix have many skin rejuvenating properties. These foods contain the anti-oxidant B-carotene (that is also found in carrots), which has the capacity to destroy cell-damaging free radicals. Iron is also present in these vegetables, and together with the vitamin C they contain, ensures that oxygen is transported to the skin’s cells. An iron deficiency can result in large dark circles forming under the eyes. Broccoli also contains the anti-oxidant vitamin C, which helps to cross-link collagen fibres and prevents collagen from being destroyed by free radicals. Collagen networks support the skin, help promote elasticity and stop it from becoming loose. Collagen also reduces bruising. To enhance the absorption of B-carotene, drizzle a little nut, olive or seed oil over raw or lightly steamed vegetables. Remember that overcooking will destroy the vitamin C.

4. CITRUS FRUIT: keeps your skin elastic

These fruits, which include oranges, lemons, limes, grapefruit, mandarins and tangelos, contain two compounds that are beneficial for skin health: vitamin C and limonene. Vitamin C works to preserve collagen. Short-term supplementation, under medical supervision, with high daily doses of vitamin C (3g), together with vitamin E (2g), has been shown to reduce the effects of acute sunburn. Limonene, an anti-oxidant found particularly in the peel, may help to reduce the risk of skin cancer.

5. SOY: keeps your skin looking youthful

Phytoestrogens in soy foods, such as soy drinks, tofu, soy and linseed bread, have been found to act like the hormone oestrogen. They help to delay the onset of dry skin and the wrinkling associated with the ageing process. Another important component which is present in soy products is vitamin E, which boosts new cell growth. The exact quantities of phytoestrogens that need to be consumed in order to reap the benefits are unknown. However, including soy products in your diet several times a week is probably a good starting point.

6. WHOLEGRAIN CEREALS: eliminate toxins

The skin is a reflection of your internal health, and toxins within the body can result in unhealthy looking skin. Fibre found in whole grains acts like a purifying system by filtering wastes out of the body. This helps to boost the skin’s potential to be healthy and clear. Calcium may also have a role to play in the removal of toxins. So the combination of a wholegrain breakfast cereal and calcium-rich milk or soy may offer additional benefits. Isovitexin, which is an anti-oxidant found in wild rice, in particular, has been touted as having anti ageing properties for the skin and is also found in some skin creams.

7. TOMATOES: fight collagen damage and premature wrinkling

Tomatoes are the richest source of lycopene, which has the potential to decrease collagen damage deep within the skin’s tissue, which is where wrinkles are formed. Many skin treatments and creams now contain lycopene, but there appear to be enhanced benefits from eating foods containing lycopene, such as tomatoes, watermelon, guava and pink grapefruit. The redder the tomato, the higher its lycopene content. Cooking tomatoes increases this level.

8. BERRIES: slow down the ageing process

Anti-oxidants called anthocyanins have anti-ageing abilities, as they are believed to protect the body against chemical carcinogens and ultraviolet light. They are found in berries such as strawberries, blueberries, blackcurrants, raspberries and cranberries. These fruits also contain the anti-oxidant vitamin C, which helps to reconstruct damaged collagen. Berries can be eaten all year round. But if fresh berries are not available, try buying them frozen from supermarkets or drink blackcurrant juice to boost your anthocyanin intake.

9. PLANT AND SEED OILS: healthy glow, reduced dryness

Oils from olives, nuts and avocados provide the skin with a healthy glow. The essential fatty acids found in these foods reduce clogged pores by thinning out the oils secreted by them. It has been suggested that people affected by eczema have an abnormal essential fatty acid metabolism and may benefit from an adjustment of the types and quantities of the fat in their diet. However, this sort of dietary manipulation is complex. The presence of vitamin E in these oils ensures the production of new cell growth, keeping the skin supple, smooth and moist. The combination of this antioxidant vitamin with others such as Beta-carotene is believed to protect against redness of the skin and therefore may be useful for diminishing sensitivity to ultraviolet light and the effects of sun damage. How much do we need? Including small amounts of these healthy oils in your diet every day would be advisable for healthy skin.

10. SHELLFISH: promotes clear, smooth skin

The acne terminator zinc, found in oysters and other molluscs, decreases acne flareups. It also plays a major role in helping break down damaged collagen, allowing new collagen to form which, in turn, makes the skin look youthful. One of the clinical signs of zinc deficiency is dry, flaky skin. Most people need 12mg of zinc per day, so try some of these foods: ‘/2 dozen oysters (19mg), 100g lean lamb (Smg), l bowl of fortified breakfast cereal (2mg), 1 cup of baked beans (1.Smg), 1 cup of cooked spinach (lmg), 1 slice of wholemeal bread (0.4mg).

Source :

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wanna live like a Spanish King or in a Nudist Colony? Try these websites...

After years of vacation and business travel, we're sure of one thing: Hotels are a little boring. Some boast spas and indoor pools. Others leave cute twisted-towel animals on your bed after tidying up.

Live like a Spanish king in a circular lighthouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Situated off the coast of La Manga, Spain. Baron Island was once a royal hunting reserve of King Amadeo of Saboya.

Or live like the real Robinson Crusoe on the real Robinson Crusoe island off the coast of Chile. This remote island allows you to live a life unburdened by today's materialist pressures. Try a tree house built 100 ft above the ground deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats, India with electricity, mosquito nets, running water and your own shower room.

Or you may fancy the Royal Tents of Rajasthan, they come equipped with twin beds, ensuite bathrooms, custom made furniture, mosquito nets, electricity, hot water and even room service.We have also included ice hotels in Sweden, mud huts in Indonesia, period elegance in Cuba, an Art museum hotel in Japan, royal tents of the Raj in India, native American hogans in Arizona, private islands in the pacific, water tower accommodation in England and even a nudist colony in Australia.

So whether it's a tree house vacation in the jungle or a Native American teepee this website has somewhere that will inspire you.

But when have you ever considered sending your family a postcard of your hotel?

This site encourages you to find unique places to stay based on location, budget, theme, or the elusive "wow!" factor. With categories ranging from igloos to lighthouses to caves, it can be easy to plan a vacation around unusual hotels।

If you're looking for the ones that'll really make your postcard stand out, check into these:

  1. Dog Bark Park Inn — Stay inside the world's largest beagle.
  2. Ice Hotel Quebec — Wear your parka!
  3. Creek n Crag's Wild Canopy Reserve — Spy on a tiger from the treetops।
  4. Utter Inn — Sleep with the fishes, and wake up the next morning।
  5. The Old Jail — A different kind of bed and breakfast

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Getting the Skinny on Weight Loss Supplements !

Weight loss supplements may work in three ways:

  1. One is by helping the body to break down body fat. This involves releasing it from fat cells, where it enters the bloodstream as free fatty acids that are then transported to muscle cells where they may be burned.
  2. The second action of weight loss supplements is to suppress appetite, which is a complex process. Many hormones and neurotransmitters are involved. We don't have all the answers in this area, but research continues. The human body's instinct is to survive, and once appetite suppressants are stopped, people become hungry.
  3. The third way weight loss supplements may work is by inhibiting the body from absorbing fat during digestion. Fat blockers don't work if a person isn't eating fat in his or her diet. They also won't prevent weight gain if a person is overeating protein or carbohydrates. The negative side effects of these supplements include stomach discomfort, diarrhea, and inability to absorb many important fat-soluble vitamins and other nutrients. In addition, they may interfere with the effectiveness of certain medications, especially birth control pills and estrogen.

Often, weight loss supplements contain more than one substance to generate weight loss from more than one angle. The ingredients are available alone, or with other substances. The following is a partial listing of some of the weight loss supplements you may see:


Promoted as a fat burner, carnitine naturally occurs in the body, and people can obtain it through eating meat, fish, poultry, and some dairy foods. Carnitine helps transport fatty acids to the muscle. In theory, it makes sense that more of it would help people get more fatty acids into the muscles, burning additional fat. Unfortunately, it doesn't live up to expectations, because taking its supplemental form doesn't result in increased fat burning.

Chromium Picolinate

Although this mineral helps metabolize carbohydrates and fats, it has not lived up to claims of increasing lean body mass and decreasing fat. As a matter of fact, the majority of the research done on this supplement shows it is not effective as a weight loss supplement. Some research showed damage to DNA with excess chromium picolinate that is exacerbated with Vitamin C. Taking in more than the body requires can actually reduce the binding capacity of iron in the blood, potentially resulting in iron deficiency and decreased ability to carry oxygen in the blood. This could negatively impact one's ability to exercise and expend calories.


This is probably the most popular substance in fat-burners on the market today. It acts like a hormone the body makes — norepinephrine. The action of this substance is associated with increased fat release from adipose (or fat) tissue, increasing free fatty acids in the bloodstream. Also increased are heart rate, heart contractility, body heat production, and metabolic rate. Ephedrine may also be able to suppress hunger. Studies have demonstrated that dieters were able to lose slightly more weight when taking ephedrine vs. placebos — but not nearly the amounts referenced in TV and magazine ads. It has been shown that ephedrine is even more effective when combined with caffeine — but so are the side effects, including tremors, dizziness, insomnia, heart arrhythmias, headaches, and increased blood pressure.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has reported numerous adverse incidents and a number of deaths from taking supplements containing ephedrine or its precursors, ephedra or ma huang. Anyone with high blood pressure, heart disease, or diabetes, and pregnant women need to avoid this supplement. The National Football League (NFL) has listed it as a banned substance, and Canada prohibits its sale. Although ephedrine may help some people lose an extra few pounds, it doesn't seem worth the risk.

When a supplement touts "proven in clinical trials," you need to dig deeper. If the manufacturers are citing animal studies, it may have no merit in terms of human outcomes. For one reason, fat metabolism in rats is different than in people. Often, preliminary research is done on these animals, but the same results often don't pan out in humans. We are learning that fat burning and some hormonal responses are not the same between the two species. Some supplement manufacturers jump the gun before substances can be proven in humans, often in the name of big bucks. Another caveat is that when research is done, sometimes amounts of the ingredients or the ingredients themselves that the scientists use are not available to the public. Scientists may use substances in large amounts when studying them — not what is generally available at your local health food store. The supplement you find may contain additional components that alter the effect of the main ingredient. In addition, there is no guarantee that the supplement you buy has exactly what the label indicates.

Once again, there is really no safe short cut or quick fix to losing weight, no matter how slick the ads! And fat burners, despite the hype, do not work as advertised.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Rodents...Pest or Delicacy ?

Yuck ! When I read this article I almost threw up !

Apparently, in a region of Venezuela, rodents are a true delicacy. In other South American countries, capybara, the world's largest rodent is hunted for its hide.

If you are planning a visit to Venezuela, keep in mind that rodents are prized as a holiday treat.

In Venezuela, the meat of the capybara can get prices that are almost double that of beef. Part of that price is how difficult it is to hunt the capybara, and part of it is the flavor, which is "more like rabbit than chicken, though when dried with sea salt in Venezuela it acquires a fishy flavor."

To catch them, they are often hit with clubs or harpooned. This makes many visitors to the country resist eating the rodent, if not for the other long list of reasons. If you can get past the first wave of fear, you might like it. Many people in the United States claim, “Tastes just like rabbit, or chicken”.


Creamed Mice

Skin, gut and wash some fat mice without removing their heads. Cover them in a pot with ethyl alcohol and marinate 2 hours. Dice a piece of salt pork or sowbelly and cook it slowly to extract the fat. Drain the mice, dredge them thoroughly in a mixture of flour, pepper, and salt, and fry slowly in the rendered fat for about 5 minutes. Add a cup of alcohol and 6 to 8 cloves, cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Prepare a cream sauce, transfer the sautéed mice to it, and warm them in it for about 10 minutes before serving.

Visiting Venezuela ? Anyone ?

Friday, March 23, 2007

The Gross-Out Quiz


Warning: This quiz contains information that you might rather not know.

How much do you really know about gross things? And we're not talking about things that try to gross you out, like horror films or Fear Factor episodes. We're here to see how well acquainted you are with some of the "grosser" corners of the natural world. Good luck.

1 The giant rafflesia, a type of lily, is the largest flower in the world. However, it is better known for smelling like
a) Cheese
b) Dirty socks
c) Rotting meat

2 In a single year, how many descendents can a pair of rats produce?
a) 15,000
b) 1,500
c) 150

3 Tapeworms, a type of intestinal parasite, can grow to be how big?
a) 10 inches
b) 30 feet
c) 70 feet

4 2,200 acres is the size of
a) The biggest spider web ever found
b) The biggest individual mushroom ever found
c) The biggest bat cave ever found

5 Ambergris, an essential ingredient of certain types of perfume, is
a) A fatty substance produced in the intestines of sick whales
b) An oil found in the core of rhinoceros horns
c) The earwax of elephants

6 True or false: Venus flytraps, a carnivorous plant, eat frogs.
a) True
b) False

7 Approximately how much dung does an adult elephant produce each day?
a) 30 lbs
b) 130 lbs
c) 330 lbs

8 "Good night, sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite." True or false: Bed bugs really exist.
a) True
b) False

9 The regal horned lizard isn't too big, but it repels predators in short order with what gross behavior?
a) It skewers them with its horn.
b) It spits a lethal poison.
c) It shoots blood from behind its eyes.


1. Rotting meat: The giant rafflesia, which can weigh 15 lbs and measure up to 3 feet wide, smells like rotting meat. The flowers emit the odor in order to attract carrion flies, which pollinate the flower.
2. 15,000 : As horrifying as it may be, a pair of rats can multiply so fast, they can have as a many as 15,000 descendents in a single year.

3. 30 feet : Tapeworms range in length from about .5 inches to about 30 feet.

4. The biggest individual mushroom ever found, an Armillaria mushroom, takes up more than 2,200 acres of underground space! Like all mushrooms, this one is a kind of fungus, and it is considered one of the largest known multicellular organisms on Earth. It was found in Oregon.

5. A fatty substance produced in the intestines of sick whales. Ambergris*, an essential ingredient of certain types of perfume*, is a fatty substance produced in the intestines of sick sperm whales. An extremely valuable natural product, ambergris prevents the evaporation of volatile oils used to make expensive perfumes. In 1955 a chemist developed a synthetic, much less expensive form of ambergris.

6. True : Venus flytraps do eat frogs! The plants, native to North and South Carolina, feed on insects and other small animals. The creatures are lured by sweet fluids exuded by the plant, which snaps blade-like leaves around its prey. Flytraps then digest their prey with glands located inside their leaves.

7. 330 lbs : Adult elephants poop about 330 lbs each day. Elephants don't have particularly efficient digestive systems, so about half of the food they consume ends up being passed through their body. Not only do they produce a lot of dung, but they do it frequently: Elephants go to the bathroom approximately 15-18 times per day, which works out to each dung pile being about 20 lbs.

8. True :Unfortunately, bed bugs* do indeed exist. They are tiny little flat bugs that hide during the day and come out to feed at night (when people are in bed--hence their name), sucking the blood of humans and other animals. Perhaps they should be called "vampire bugs" instead.

9. It shoots blood from behind its eyes. The well-camouflaged regal horned lizard* remains motionless if approached, but if picked up, it may attempt to disconcert its attacker by puffing up its body and squirting blood, sometimes as far as a few feet, from a reserve behind its eyes.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Did You Know What The 10 Most Commonly Misspelled Words Are?

Many otherwise intelligent and talented people have trouble spelling correctly, and yet a single misspelled work on a letter or important document creates a bad impression, and can even damage job prospects or networking opportunities. English can be a language full of spellings that look right but are dead wrong. Toss in those infuriating sound-alikes (they're/their/there, its/it's, except/accept), which computer spell checkers usually don't catch, and it's no wonder that 99% of us are often embarrassed and undermined by unwitting typos.

Here are the 10 Most Commonly Misspelled Words !

Incorrect — Correct

  1. Independant — Independent
  2. Accomodation — Accommodation
  3. Definately — Definitely
  4. Recieve — Receive
  5. Opportunites — Opportunities
  6. Thier — Their
  7. Occured — Occurred
  8. Infomation — Information
  9. Offical — Official
  10. Acitives — Activities

Spelling matters - if you want to create a good impression in your writing and get the right meaning across, it's important to spell correctly.


    accessory noun
    Spell accessory with a double c and a double s; the ending is -ory.
    Rule: Change the -y to -ies to make the plurals of words which end in a consonant plus -y (as in berry/berries): accessories.

    accommodate verb
    Spell accommodate with a double c and a double m; remember that there is an o before and after the m's.
    Related word: accommodation noun

    address noun and verb
    Spell address with a double d.
    Tip: please add your address.

    aggression noun
    Remember that aggression is spelled with a double g and a double s.
    Related words: aggressive adjective aggressor noun

    alcohol noun
    Spell alcohol with alco- at the beginning.
    Tip: drink a large cold orange juice, not alcohol.

    allege verb
    Remember that allege has a double l and is spelled with -ege at the end.

    amend verb
    Remember that amend and the related word amendment are spelled with a single m at the beginning.

    apologize or apologise verb
    Spell apologize and the related word apology with -olo- in the middle.

    apparent adjective
    There is a double p in apparent but only one r; the ending is -ent.

    argument noun
    There is no e after the u in argument, even though it comes from argue. It does not follow the usual rule that the final silent e is kept when adding endings that begin with a consonant.

    average noun and verb
    Spell average with an e after the v; the ending is -age.

    beautiful adjective
    Remember that beautiful and the related words beauty and beautify are spelled with beau- at the beginning.
    Tip: bare elegant arms are usually beautiful.

    belief noun
    Rule: Belief and the related word believe follow the rule i before e except after c (as in thief).
    Related word: believable adjective

    burglar noun
    Spell burglar with -lar at the end.
    Related word: burglary noun

    business noun
    Remember that business begins with busi-.

    cemetery noun (plural cemeteries)
    Remember that cemetery ends with -ery.

    changeable adjective
    Rule: Keep the final silent -e when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words which end in -ce or -ge (here, change), if this is needed to preserve the soft sound of the first part of the word: changeable.

    committee noun
    Spell committee with a double m, a double t, and a double e at the end.

    consensus noun
    Remember that consensus and the related word consensual are spelled with -sen- in the middle.
    controversy noun (plural controversies)
    Remember that controversy is spelled with -ro- in the middle.
    Tip: controversy arouses really opposing views.
    Related word: controversial adjective

    deceive verb
    Rule: i before e except after c (as in receive).
    Related word: deceit noun

    definite adjective
    Remember that definite ends with -ite.
    Related word: definitely adverb

    desperate adjective
    Spell desperate with -per- in the middle.
    Tip: perhaps he was desperate to escape.

    disappoint verb
    Remember that disappoint and the related word disappointment are spelled with one s and a double p.

    eighth adjective
    Remember that eighth is spelled with -hth at the end.
    Tip: Sam hoped that he wouldn't finish eighth.

    embarrass verb
    Remember that embarrass and the related word embarrassment have a double r and a double s.
    Tip: embarrassed, she was rosy red with severe shame.

    extraordinary adjective
    Spell extraordinary with extra- at the beginning (it is made up of the words extra and ordinary).
    extreme adjective and noun
    Remember that the ending of extreme is spelled -eme.

    fascinate verb
    Remember that fascinate and the related word fascination are spelled with an s before the c.

    fluorescent adjective
    Remember that fluorescent and the related word fluorescence begin with fluor-.

    friend noun
    Spell friend with -ie- in the middle.

    fulfil verb
    Spell fulfil with one l in the middle and one at the end (the spelling fulfill is American).
    Rule: Double the l when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words which end in a vowel plus l (as in travel): fulfils, fulfilling. fulfilled.
    Related word: fulfilment noun

    gauge noun and verb
    Spell gauge with -au- in the middle (the spelling gage is American).

    grateful adjective
    Remember that grateful begins with grate-.

    guarantee noun and verb
    Rule: Although most verbs ending in -e drop the final e before adding -ing (e.g. bake, baking), verbs ending in -ee, -ye, and -oe keep the final -e: guarantees, guaranteeing, guaranteed.

    harass verb
    Spell harass and the related word harassment with a single r and a double s.

    hypocrisy noun
    Remember that hypocrisy begins with hypo-; the ending is -isy.
    Related words: hypocrite noun hypocritical adjective

    humorous adjective
    Rule: When adding certain endings, such as -ous and -ist, to words that end in -our (in this case, humour), change -our to -or before adding the ending: humorous; humorist.

    immediate adjective
    Spell immediate and the related word immediacy with a double m.
    Related word: immediately adverb

    independent adjective and noun
    Remember that independent always ends with -ent.
    Tip: she's an independent agent.
    Related word: independence noun

    instalment noun
    Spell instalment with one l (the spelling installment is American).
    Rule: Drop the last l when adding suffixes (endings) which begin with a consonant to words which end in a double l (here, install): instalment.

    itinerary noun (plural itineraries)
    Remember that itinerary ends with -erary.

    liaise verb
    Remember that liaise is spelled with two i's, one before and one after the a.
    Tip: you must liaise with colleagues in Italy and Ireland.
    Related word: liaison noun

    licence noun
    Do not confuse licence with license. Licence is a noun which means 'a permit to do something' (a driving licence), whereas license is a verb meaning 'give a permit to someone: allow something' (the loggers are licensed to cut mahogany trees). In American English, both the noun and the verb are spelled license.

    maintenance noun
    Remember that maintenance is spelled with -ten- in the middle; the ending is -ance.

    manoeuvre noun and verb
    Spell manoeuvre with -oeu- in the middle; the ending is -re (the spelling maneuver is American). Related word: manoeuvrable adjective

    millennium noun
    Spell millennium with a double l and a double n. The plural can be spelled either millennia (like the original Latin) or millenniums.
    Related word: millennial adjective

    miniature noun and adjective
    Remember that miniature begins with mini-.
    Tip: a miniature minibus.

    minuscule adjective
    Remember that minuscule is spelled with a u after the n.

    mischievous adjective
    Rule: i before e except after c (as in thief). Remember that mischievous ends with -vous.

    misspell verb
    Spell misspell with a double s. The different forms of this verb are: misspells, misspelling; the past tense is misspelt or misspelled.

    naive adjective
    Remember that naive is spelled with -ai- in the middle. It can also be spelled naïve, with two dots over the i, as in the original French.
    Tip: she was naive, with an appealing innocence.
    Related word: naivety noun

    necessary adjective
    Remember that necessary and the related word necessity are spelled with one c and a double s.
    Tip: it's necessary for a jacket to have one collar and two sleeves.
    Related word: necessarily adverb

    negligible adjective
    Remember that the ending of negligible is spelled -ible.
    Related word: negligibly

    niece noun
    Rule: i before e except after c (as in thief).

    occasion noun and verb
    Spell occasion with a double c and a single s.
    Tip: a ceremony celebrating a special occasion.

    occur verb
    Rule: Double the last consonant when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words that end with a single vowel plus a consonant, if the stress is at the end of a word (as in refer): occurs, occurring, occurred.
    Related word: occurrence noun

    omission noun
    Spell omission with one m and a double s.
    Tip: the book has many serious and significant omissions.
    Related word: omissible adjective

    original adjective and noun
    Spell original with an i before and after the g.

    outrageous adjective
    Rule: Keep the final silent -e when adding endings which begin with a vowel to words which end in -ce or -ge (here, outrage), if this is needed to preserve the soft -ce or -ge sound: outrageous.

    parliament noun
    Spell parliament with -ia- before the m.
    Tip: I am a member of parliament.

    perceive verb
    Rule: i before e except after c (as in receive).

    possess verb
    Spell possess and the related words possession and possessive with a double s before and after the e.
    Related word: possessor noun

    potato noun
    The plural of potato is made by adding -es: potatoes.

    practice noun
    Do not confuse practice with practise. Practice is a noun meaning 'the action of doing something rather than the theories about it' (putting policy into practice), whereas practise is a verb meaning 'do something repeatedly to improve your skill' (they were practising for the Olympics). In American English, both the noun and the verb are spelled practice.

    presence noun
    Remember that presence ends with -ence.
    Related word: present adjective

    privilege noun and verb
    Remember that privilege ends with -ege.

    questionnaire noun
    Remember that questionnaire (a French word) is spelled with a double n and ends with -aire.

    really adverb
    Remember that really is spelled with a double l.

    receive verb
    Rule: i before e except after c.

    recommend verb
    Spell recommend and the related word recommendation with a single c and a double m.
    Tip: he recommended that I cut out milk and meat from my diet.

    restaurant noun
    Remember that restaurant is spelled with -au- between the t and r: it is a French word.

    restaurateur noun
    Although restaurateur (a French word) is related to restaurant, it is not spelled with an n before the second t.

    rhythm noun
    Remember that rhythm is spelled with rhy- at the beginning, then -thm.
    Tip: rhythm really has your two hips moving.

    secretary noun (plural secretaries)
    Spell secretary with an e after the r; the ending is -ary.

    seize verb
    Remember that seize and the related word seizure are spelled with the e before the i: they do not follow the rule of i before e except after c.

    separate verb and adjective
    Remember that separate is spelled with -par- in the middle.
    Tip: the rock split into two separate parts.
    Related word: separation noun

    similar adjective
    Remember that the ending of similar is spelled -lar.
    Related word: similarity noun similarly adverb

    skilful adjective
    Remember that skilful is spelled with one l in the middle (the spelling skillful is American).
    Rule: Drop the last l when adding suffixes (endings) which begin with a consonant to words which end in a double l (here, skill plus -ful): skilful.

    success noun
    Spell success and the related word successful with a double c and a double s.
    Related word: successor noun

    sufficient adjective
    Spell sufficient with a double f; the ending is -cient.

    suppress verb
    Spell suppress with a double p and a double s.

    surprise verb and noun
    Remember that surprise has an r before and after the p. Unlike most verbs ending in -ise, it cannot be spelled with an -ize ending.

    threshold noun
    Remember that threshold is spelled with a single h.

    tomato noun
    The plural of tomato is made by adding -es: tomatoes.

    tomorrow adverb and noun
    Spell tomorrow with a single m and a double r.
    Tip: tomorrow morning, rise refreshed.

    truly adverb
    Rule: Truly is formed from true plus the ending -ly; it is one of a group of words in which the final silent e is dropped before adding -ly.

    twelfth number
    Remember that twelfth has an f in the middle.
    Tip: go to the twelfth floor of the building.

    unfortunately adverb
    Spell unfortunately with -ately at the end (it is made up of the adjective unfortunate plus the ending -ly).

    until preposition and conjunction
    Spell until with a single l.

    vegetarian noun and adjective
    Remember that the beginning of vegetarian is spelled vege-; the ending is -arian.

    vehicle noun
    Spell vehicle with -icle at the end.

    vicious adjective
    Remember that the beginning of vicious is spelled vici-.

    weird adjective
    Remember that weird is spelled with the e before the i: it does not follow the usual rule of i before e except after c.
    Tip: a weird, eerie, inhuman sound.

    wilful adjective
    Remember that wilful is spelled with one l in the middle (the spelling willful is American).
    Rule: Drop the last l when adding suffixes (endings) which begin with a consonant to words which end in a double l (here, will plus -ful): wilful.

    withhold verb (withholds, withholding, withheld)
    Remember that withhold is spelled with a double h (it is made up of the words with and hold)

    For a longer list of words and hundreds of spelling tips see the Oxford A-Z of Spelling

    Friday, March 16, 2007

    Why don't Hollywood actors dance?

    Regarding the dancing talent of Hollywood actors... well, arguments have gone on for years, in classrooms and coffee houses alike, about the bewildering inability of Hollywood stars to dance well or at all. The only thing we're all certain of is that at one point, they did know how!!!!!!

    Just consider Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, the famous duo whose flashy prancing shot them to fame. Bewildered Hollyfans who expect more of their highly-paid stars did feel encouraged by the announcement that Moulin Rouge and Chicago would include dance numbers, but the hyperactive cuts during said dance numbers made it clear that even those Hollywood actors who would *like* to be able to dance can't manage to do so for periods any longer than two to three seconds.

    Happily, Hollywood has finally come to terms with its own ineptitude; Farah Khan, Bollywood dance master extraordinare, has been hired to choreograph a number in the Reese Witherspoon vehicle Vanity Fair. Perhaps this marks a new era for Hollywood, in which it will demand that its actors actually do something in return for their multi-million dollar paychecks.


    Tuesday, March 13, 2007

    Bizzzaro Bento Boxes

    I loved Japan and the Bento boxes that had rice, sushi, eggs, and a variety of Japanese food bites.

    Bentō is a single-portion takeout meal common in Japanese cuisine.

    A traditional bento consists of rice, fish or meat, and one or more pickled or cooked vegetables as a side dish. Containers range from disposable mass produced to hand crafted lacquer ware. While bento are readily available at convenience stores and bento shops throughout Japan, it is still considered an essential skill of a Japanese housewife to be able to prepare an appealing boxed lunch.

    Bento can be very elaborate, aesthetically pleasing cuisine arrangements. Often the food is arranged in such a way as to resemble other objects: dolls, flowers, leaves, and so forth.

    Here is a Justin's website with some amusing Bento Boxes. He has a selection of the craziest Bento boxes made by Junko Terashima on his website.

    Cuisine, LLC
    Food is Culture . . . Culture is Food !
    Elegantly Expressed Gift Baskets
    Memorable Gifts . . . Lasting Impressions !

    Musings About People, Places & Things Intriguing's BlogoRama
    Life In Digital Pixels
    Career Tips N Tricks
    The Gift Gazette

    Bazaar! Bazaar! Indian Gift Shop
    Indian Gift Baskets, Indian Cookbooks & Indian Spices

    Monday, March 12, 2007

    Ladies, 2 cups of mint tea a day will help you reduce this

    For centuries, mint has been enjoyed for its wonderful aroma, its great taste, and its healing power.and has been a part of both the cuisine and the medicinal cultures of eastern societies. Mint is used in a variety of ways, but the most common is through the brewing of mint tea. According to a new study Mint Tea is a cure for hairy girls !!!!

    MINT tea helps women lose unwanted body hair, docs have discovered. Millions suffer from hirsutism — hair on the face, breasts and tummy — caused by high levels of male hormones called androgens. But a study of 21 women in Isparta, Turkey, found drinking two cups of mint tea a day reduced the hormone’s impact and lessened hair growth. Dr Mehmet Tamer said: “It could be a good natural alternative.”

    Wednesday, March 07, 2007

    Every 18 hours, one of these opens up in the United States, What is it?

    Walgreens is opening one store every 18 hours across the country.

    "That's not unusual," Walgreens' Carol Hively said. "The demand for prescription drugs is increasing constantly and steadily, and will for years as baby boomers age."As baby boomers age, the rate of hospital and medical treatment climbs.That means more prescription medicines.Thus, we have another factor to marketability."What really impacts the number of stores in the area are medical services," Hively said. "If there are hospitals or medical treatment centers nearby, then that can increase the number of drug stores because the demand for prescriptions increases."

    Monday, March 05, 2007

    A BIG Thumbs Down to Dolce & Gabbana

    Barcelona-based womens-rights group Institute Català de Les Dones issued an open letter to the designers Dolce & Gabbana, asking them to pull their latest advertisement. The institute explained that the photography was inciting violence towards women. The ad features a bare-chested man pinning a scantily clad woman to the floor while four other men look on with detached expressions.

    Child pornography is rampant on the web and this kind of irresponsible behavior by materialistic designers is pathetic. They need to go back to see whether they forgot their brains in the dumpster. Advertising watchdog, Reuters, has metaphorically knifed coveted fashion house Dolce & Gabanna.

    Although, the fashion design house of Dolce & Gabbana has announced it will stop running an ad in Spain that shows a man holding a woman down by her wrists. Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, announcing the decision to pull the ad, blamed Spain for being "behind the times." They suggested that if the Spanish feminists had their way most of the world's major museums would be closed.

    I feel they need to give a public apology for their advertising.

    Friday, March 02, 2007

    Dial-up Frenzy as 50 BMW M6's sell out in 92 seconds flat !

    The BMW M6 convertible may be capable of 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds, but luxury retailer Neiman Marcus sold its entire stock of 50 limited edition M6 convertibles in a record-breaking 92 seconds in October 2006.

    Source PR NEwswire

    The holidays are coming early for 50 Neiman Marcus customers who managed to place their calls intoBMW to order the new 2007 BMW M6 Convertible that was featured in thisyear's Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, as it went on sale today at 12 PM,EDT.

    As the clock struck noon, the 1-866-303-2696 phone lines werecompletely lit up with buyers who wanted to be sure they were among thefirst in the U.S. to own the just-introduced Limited Edition M6. TheConvertible sold out in a mere one minute, thirty-two seconds.

    Billed as the "must-have" automobile for the person who has everything,the luxury convertible made its U.S. debut at the unveiling of the NeimanMarcus Christmas Book in Dallas on October 3rd, 2006

    Only 50 of these new models, built especially for Neiman Marcus, are beingproduced in the inaugural year. They feature custom Ruby Black exteriorfinish accented with Piano Black trim elements, and power sports seatswrapped in a custom Gold Brown shade of supple BMW Individual Merinoleather. The car can launch you from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.5 exhilaratingseconds, and features a powerful 5.0-liter V-10 engine that produces 500horsepower.

    The Limited Edition 2007 BMW M6 Convertible is featured on pages 96-97of the 2006 Neiman Marcus Christmas Book, and retails for $139,000.

    The Neiman Marcus edition M6, the star of NM's 2006 Christmas Book, featured a custom Ruby Black exterior finish accented with Piano Black trim elements, and power sports seats wrapped in a custom Gold Brown shade of supple BMW Individual Merino leather.

    At $139,000 each, the ever-so-special BMWs rang the register at a rate of $75,543 per second, if only for a minute and a half.

    Wednesday, February 21, 2007

    "The Secret" - Oprah's new thing ! Revealed !

    Have you caught up with the new Internet rage? Yes I am talking about Oprah's "Secret"

    The Secret the book & DVD which is all bout "the secret to creating the life you truly want,” the basis of a self-help book and DVD movie called, not surprisingly, "The Secret". If you haven’t heard about “The Secret” yet, my guess is you soon will. Well you are surely reading about it now !

    In my opinion, "The Secret" has been around for centuries. Dreamers and Entrepreneurs live it ! It is the same as "dream it, wish it, want it and it will come, your thoughts, your actions will lead you to make it happen" With all this hullabaloo about this so-called The Secret DVD that Oprah’s been talking is nothing more than the latest new-age gimmick to sell books and DVDs.

    “The Secret” is based on something its authors call “the law of attraction.” That is, that humans are walking magnets. "If people think about death, they'll attract death. If they think about abundance, they'll attract that,"

    Secret co-founder Bob Proctor explained to Ellen DeGeneres on her show last December. "Your thoughts are really dictating what you attract," Proctor preached to Ellen. "Start to see what you want, rather than what you don't want."

    "The Secret” seemingly exploded onto the scene two weeks ago, when Oprah featured its two co-founders and the film’s creator on her show. But 10 months before then, news of “The Secret” began bubbling up from the Internet, just as its founders had intended.

    Its nothing more than "Positive Thinking" so don't get sweep ed off your feet by this rage....follow your heart, do good karmas and good will happen to you. Yes don't forget to wish and dream it !

    Monday, February 19, 2007

    AGLOCO Growing STRONG! - Viewers get paid !

    If you have not heard of the next big thing, here is a quick explanation; Agloco is the re-birth of AllAdvantage, which paid out over $100,000,000 to its members.

    Agloco costs you nothing. It's free. And it always will be.

    Agloco pays you by the hour to have their small Viewbar open.

    Agloco pays you by the hour to have your friends have their Viewbar open.

    Once you start using the Viewbar, you'll get a check every month in the mail.Once you sign up, you'll get your own referral URL that your friends can use to sign up.

    Every 5 people that you refer to Agloco will double your income. CLICK HERE TO JOIN NOW! After you join thru this link, leave me a message under this post.

    Friday, February 16, 2007

    Talking gadgets....and now talking "Urinal Cakes" !

    Ok you've heard of talking dolls, talking gadgets ok so how about this one....TALKING URINAL CAKES ! yes, its come to that now.

    The state Transportation Department recently bought about 500 talking urinal cakes to put in men's restrooms at various bars and restaurants.

    New Mexico aims to keep bar-hopping drunks off the road by nagging them at a place they're likely to visit just before getting behind the wheel: the men's room urinal. (AP Photo/Jake Schoellkopf)


    Tuesday, February 13, 2007

    For the Ro-MAN-tic in him on Valntines Day !

    Men hate Valentine's Day ! The flowers, the last minute reservations scramble, the need to be the forced romantic .... so what do you get for HIM that shows him that you really care !

    Hmmmmm let me think ! Here is one gift he with "blush" (flush) over !

    Tee Time Toilet Potty Puter

    This miniature putting green and golf club are specifically designed for lengthy toilet sojourns (as if he didn't take long enough already).

    Comes with "Do Not Disturb" sign; last shred of dignity sold separtely !

    Product details : Golf While You Go TeeTime the game for the Golf Fanatic. Comes complete with putting green, 2 balls, golf club, cup with flag, and occupied sign.

    Monday, February 12, 2007

    Cha Ching !!! US Mint Will Issue New Gold Presidential Dollar ! History in the making !

    Despite of all the controversy surrounding the use of the dollar coin, I think coin currency lasts for a very long time and paper money, crumbles, fades and disappears. Although we are already in the age of paperless currency with all the electronic banking, I think this is a great way of preserving history.

    The U.S. Mint in 2007 will start producing dollar coins with portraits of former presidents, according to legislation sent to President Bush on Thursday, February 15th, 2007. Four coins will be issued each year in the order in which the presidents served.

    Here is the release schedule

    These artist renderings show the designs for the new presidential dollar coin program. Starting in February, the first of the coins will be released, followed by a different president every three months.

    The quarter program has been widely successful, introducing millions of people to coin collecting for the first time. The Mint hopes the presidential program will enjoy similar success, in part because of the bold designs on the new coins.The coins will be the same size as the Sacagawea dollar -- a little larger than a quarter -- and the same golden color as the Sacagawea.

    According to tradition, no living presidents will appear on coins.
    • The image of the president will be on one side and the Statue of Liberty on the other.
    • The Mint will make commemorative coins of the presidents' spouses. They will be 24-karat gold, the highest quality ever used.
    • The images will be slightly larger than those on a quarter, because space was freed up by moving some of the traditional wording such as "In God We Trust" to the edge of the coin.
    • Grover Cleveland will be on two coins because he served non-consecutive terms.

    Wednesday, February 07, 2007

    Contemporary American Slang ! Learn it ! Use it !

    Ever wonder about the new words that pop up in our daily language and become a norm? Do you know what they mean? Nowadays it is hard to keep up with the online and offline slang words used in blogs, newspapers and more. What's in a word you ask? Lots, according to Urban Dictionary, which proclaims to be "a dictionary with your definitions" on thousands of words, has some fascinating, scathing and sometimes hilarious definitions.

    Here are some words to chew on !

    As If : I would rather not, thank you !

    Bitchin' : Excellent !

    Take Chill Pill or Chill: You need to relax or to relax

    For those who are interested in contemporary American slang, Urban Dictionary provides an excellent place to start. Please note, that this web site is not for the faint of heart. And if you're easily offended....don't visit !

    But remember that you will surely be caught up with and understand the language of today's youth !

    Take this quiz on THE WISCONSIN STATE JOURNAL made from words in the and see how hip YOU are !