Saturday, April 07, 2007

Wanna live like a Spanish King or in a Nudist Colony? Try these websites...

After years of vacation and business travel, we're sure of one thing: Hotels are a little boring. Some boast spas and indoor pools. Others leave cute twisted-towel animals on your bed after tidying up.

Live like a Spanish king in a circular lighthouse designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. Situated off the coast of La Manga, Spain. Baron Island was once a royal hunting reserve of King Amadeo of Saboya.

Or live like the real Robinson Crusoe on the real Robinson Crusoe island off the coast of Chile. This remote island allows you to live a life unburdened by today's materialist pressures. Try a tree house built 100 ft above the ground deep in the jungles of the Western Ghats, India with electricity, mosquito nets, running water and your own shower room.

Or you may fancy the Royal Tents of Rajasthan, they come equipped with twin beds, ensuite bathrooms, custom made furniture, mosquito nets, electricity, hot water and even room service.We have also included ice hotels in Sweden, mud huts in Indonesia, period elegance in Cuba, an Art museum hotel in Japan, royal tents of the Raj in India, native American hogans in Arizona, private islands in the pacific, water tower accommodation in England and even a nudist colony in Australia.

So whether it's a tree house vacation in the jungle or a Native American teepee this website has somewhere that will inspire you.

But when have you ever considered sending your family a postcard of your hotel?

This site encourages you to find unique places to stay based on location, budget, theme, or the elusive "wow!" factor. With categories ranging from igloos to lighthouses to caves, it can be easy to plan a vacation around unusual hotels।

If you're looking for the ones that'll really make your postcard stand out, check into these:

  1. Dog Bark Park Inn — Stay inside the world's largest beagle.
  2. Ice Hotel Quebec — Wear your parka!
  3. Creek n Crag's Wild Canopy Reserve — Spy on a tiger from the treetops।
  4. Utter Inn — Sleep with the fishes, and wake up the next morning।
  5. The Old Jail — A different kind of bed and breakfast

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Tom Mulhall said...

It is nice that nudist resorts were included in unique hotels. We own The Terra Cotta Inn clothing optional resort and spa located in sunny Palm Springs, CA The travel channel had a show on the worlds ultimate unique hotels last year. A lot of the same hotels on the list here were also on the travel channel's list. And then they picked us, The Terra Cotta inn as the nudist resort to stay at.

It is pretty cool that the mainstream press is starting to realize that nudist resorts are great places to vacation at.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what an idea ! What a concept ! Beautiful .. Amazing …