Wednesday, February 21, 2007

"The Secret" - Oprah's new thing ! Revealed !

Have you caught up with the new Internet rage? Yes I am talking about Oprah's "Secret"

The Secret the book & DVD which is all bout "the secret to creating the life you truly want,” the basis of a self-help book and DVD movie called, not surprisingly, "The Secret". If you haven’t heard about “The Secret” yet, my guess is you soon will. Well you are surely reading about it now !

In my opinion, "The Secret" has been around for centuries. Dreamers and Entrepreneurs live it ! It is the same as "dream it, wish it, want it and it will come, your thoughts, your actions will lead you to make it happen" With all this hullabaloo about this so-called The Secret DVD that Oprah’s been talking is nothing more than the latest new-age gimmick to sell books and DVDs.

“The Secret” is based on something its authors call “the law of attraction.” That is, that humans are walking magnets. "If people think about death, they'll attract death. If they think about abundance, they'll attract that,"

Secret co-founder Bob Proctor explained to Ellen DeGeneres on her show last December. "Your thoughts are really dictating what you attract," Proctor preached to Ellen. "Start to see what you want, rather than what you don't want."

"The Secret” seemingly exploded onto the scene two weeks ago, when Oprah featured its two co-founders and the film’s creator on her show. But 10 months before then, news of “The Secret” began bubbling up from the Internet, just as its founders had intended.

Its nothing more than "Positive Thinking" so don't get sweep ed off your feet by this rage....follow your heart, do good karmas and good will happen to you. Yes don't forget to wish and dream it !

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