Monday, April 16, 2007

People Asks "What Do You Think of Idol's Sanjaya?"

The Indian American teenage singer has enjoyed superstar success so far, receiving the judges’ criticism with a big broad smile on his face each time and everytime thus becoming even more endearing to the viewers at home.

He’s not taking himself that seriously and he seems to enjoy his time on stage. With this tenacity Sanjaya has ganied legions of genuine fans and among them are the 3 million Indian-Americans, who feel proud that one of their own is knocking on the door of mainstream commercial success. Now news flies that even Senator Hilary Clinton loves Sanjaya.
Sanajaya is the now the most talked about contestant on American Idol. And when it comes to generating buzz about Sanjaya , Reality TV Magazine is at the top of the list according to a recent study by Nielsen BuzzMetrics. After analyzing blog links since January 1, 2007, Nielsen BuzzMetrics ranked Reality TV Magazine as the most cited by blogs discussing Sanjaya.

The Los Angeles Times has explained that that Sanjaya’s success resides in the fact that “he's such a good sport.”

Here is what some celeb's are saying about Sanjaya Malakar - American Idol's newest star....

Mary J. Blige: I don't think he's horrible, but everybody's making it where he's just horrible. I've heard worse.
Diana DeGarmo: I believe more power to him. If he can do it, go for it.
Joel Madden: I'm hoping he wins, because Howard Stern's been trying to get him votes, and I love Howard.
Kevin Nealon: I'm not a 'Fanjaya,' but I like that he's still in there. It's fun seeing how long Sanjaya will stay.

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