Friday, June 29, 2007

What movie should I watch this weekend? Try Online Services - via Mail or Download !

DVD Internet Rentals are the way to go for the millions who still deal with aging computers.

You can rent movies from Netflix via the internet. Plus Netflix has lowered its monthly fee for one its most popular prescription plans by $1, to match a reduction made by rival Blockbuster earlier this month. The service mails another DVD after subscribers return one of their other discs in pre-paid envelopes.

One thing I do like about Netflix is the NEW "Watch It Now"in addition to receiving DVDs by mail, you will be able to watch movies online instantly. This new feature is included in your Netflix membership at no additional charge.

Basically, the program transforms your browser window into a complete movie-viewing interface with DVD-like functionality, like
  • Fast forward and rewind
  • Browse by chapter
  • Double-click to make the movie play in full-screen
  • Add movies to your Netflix Queue
  • Rate movies
  • Find similar movies through Netflix
Here you can read / see more about the feature It explains the features very well.

Netflix has also joined us bloggers and now have their blog up to interact with its members. So there you have it ! Get ready for your weekend without leaving your house !

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