Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shock & Awe ! Deadliest Shooting in US History - 33 dead in massacre in Virginia Tech

History was made yesterday when , CHO SEUNG-HUI, 23, a South Korean native took 32 lives as well as his own at Virginia Tech on Monday April 16th 2007. Cho was enrolled as an undergraduate student in his senior year as an English major. The rampage consisted of two attacks, more than two hours apart, which took place at around 7:15 a.m. Monday morning when two people were killed at West Ambler Johnston Hall dormitory. Later that morning, the remaining victims were killed in Norris Hall, the engineering studies building.

The massacre Monday, took place almost eight years to the day after the Columbine High bloodbath near Littleton, Colo. On April 20, 1999, two teenagers killed 12 fellow students and a teacher before taking their own lives.

Previously, the deadliest campus shooting in U.S. history was a rampage that took place in 1966 at the University of Texas at Austin, where Charles Whitman climbed the clock tower and opened fire with a rifle from the 28th-floor observation deck. He killed 16 people before he was shot to death by police.

About Virginia Tech :

Founded in 1872, Virginia Tech is nestled in southwestern Virginia, about 160 miles west of Richmond. With more than 25,000 full-time students, it has the state's largest full-time student population. The school is best known for its engineering school and its powerhouse Hokies football team.

I am watching TV and President Bush console the family of Virginia Tech. The convocation that is taking place has been appropriate and will bring a feeling of comfort and unity in the community. I pray for all the victims and their families.

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