Thursday, November 02, 2006

How to keep up with stuff on the net? bookmarking, social pics, social news and more !

The blogosphere is EXPLODING with blogs, widgets, social bookmarks, webtools, ...I could go on and on...I am just thinking of the new words that are going to be included in the English Dictionary.

Gosh we can hardly keep up with the news from DIGG, NEWSVINE, TAILRANK, SLASHDOT, TECH CRUNCH and more....ok so you are going to ask what am I going to tell you?????????? BTW.... Did you know how many SPELLING ERRORS I get just by mentioning these new things on this blog :)

Ok let's get to it. I just installed the new WEB2.0 TOOLBAR !

The toolbar is great. I dont have to go visit all the websites and check on the latest diggs, news and pics anymore...I just click on the toolbar for example the LINKS tab has - Delicious, Meta filter, Stumble buzz, Furl, Squiddo and more. I get to read the headlines all in one click of the tab. Yes you can go the site that interests you. Its a great time saving tool if you are trying to keep up with or learn the Web 2.0 space.

What they (the people who made this plugin ) say......

It’s a small plugin for your browser that contains all of the most popular content from the web 2.0 sphere in one spot…your browser. The best Social Bookmarking, Pictures, Videos and News all one click away.

My recommendation...Install it if you have space up there on your toolbar......its def worth it !~

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