Sunday, November 05, 2006 ~ Warding Off Pesky Unwanted Phone Calls

I do feel for the people behind the scenes just making a living with the Telemarketing jobs. Yes, their job is important but my time is precious at the end of a very busy day ! Most of us, like myself, are polite enough to listen to most of what they want to say.....

But we all have enough things to do at the end of each day without having to be polite to listen and then say no...every few minutes? Well, now you can fight back with these handy little "sound bytes," providing a medley of perfect excuses for cutting off unwanted conversation.

Wanna know more? Take your self to Sorry, gotta go for some ready made audio clips with some of the most creative excuses. Some are downright funny! Download the audio clips and put the phone up to the computer when that unwanted call comes and this time you will be armed with an excuse to put the phone down politely. You can use classics such as "There's the doorbell," "My other line is ringing," and "I can't hear you over the crowd noise" will have you thrilling to a peaceful dial tone in no time.



Vic Grace said...

How right you are about these pesky calls. We get so many I am afraid I just cut them off with "not interested" then feel guilty about the poor person trying to make a living. I will have to use one of your suggestions

Medini said...

:) I am a softie at heart...never could say no...but this way I at least get an excuse and not hurt the person.