Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Haunted Mansion Fireworks Display....AWESOME ~

A Haunted Mansion themed fireworks display won this years Pyrotechnics Guild International competition. The Pyrotechnics Guild International, Inc., founded in 1969, is an independent worldwide nonprofit organization of amateur and professional fireworks enthusiasts.

According to Danny Clark "Although it is hard to see in the video, the sparkling prop in the beginning is a miniature mansion. "

He says on Google groups - "The choreography is done in a couple of steps. First, we peice together the soundtrack using a product called Adobe Audition. Then we use a program called SmartFire to mark where in the show we want effects. The trick is to pick effects that last the right amount of time and fit the peice of music. We do that by going to demo nights of fireworks importers."

"Most of the product in the show came from a company in Pennsylvania called Kellners Fireworks (www.kellfire.com). Once we have a map of the fireworks we want to use, we install what is called an ematch into the device which converts it from handfire to electric fire. We then run wires from each firework to a module in the field. It is similar to a computer network. Then we go back into the software and make sure that each devices location on the network is set to fire at certain times to match the music. A show like you saw would have about a 1000 lines. "

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