Thursday, November 20, 2008

Unique Thanksgiving Invitaions...

Make your event a little more bountiful and fulfilling! There are several ways to invite your gang for Thanksgiving !

Ok lets see :
  • A traditional mail in invite is very formal and for those who get together with people on a formal basis. Real Simple has some already printed cards. 
  • Of course phone calls to your friends and family is fun as you can plan the menu and plan on who is getting what.
  • Nowadays with Facebook being so the way to keep in touch -plan your Thanksgiving day on Facebook.
  • Of course, Evites and other online party planning sites are popular too.
But have you heard of this one :  from : Another great idea for top quality Thanksgiving invitations is to write them on the side of a turkey and send your prospective guests the whole bird. Tree bark is another media on which to write the perfect Thanksgiving invitation. Most people don't know that you can put a stamp and an address on just about anything and the post office will deliver it. In fact, the more Bohemian you can make the Thanksgiving invitations, the better.

So, Thanksgiving was traditionally a time to give thanks for bountiful harvests. Today, it is a time to gather with family and friends and to give thanks for our many blessings.

5 Great bbooks for Thanksgiving
Here is a Thanksgiving joke ! 

Why do you eat a turkey rather than keep it as a pet? 
Because otherwise it will use fowl language on you.

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