Monday, November 17, 2008

The Ugg Boot Craze..sheepskin ugg boots from down under!

The shopping season has just started and whether you are in the hottest part of the planet or in the coldest UGG Boots are everywhere ! 

The term ugg boots is derived from “ugly boots” !  Aussies love to abbreviate every common term used everyday. They were considered ugly because they were different, bulky and plain...but there is no denying that these Aussie ugg boots are great for comfort and warmth.

Uggs, or Ughs!, as some fashion critics call them, really took off in the spring of 2003, after Sarah Jessica Parker and Kate Hudson were photographed in them and demand soared. Today they are still just as popular and you see everyone from Oprah to Victoria Beckham sporting them.

So if you want fashion and comfort....get a pair  for yourself !

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