Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Blogging Goes Mobile

Although blogging has become extremely popular among all types of users from all around the world, mobile blogging was close to inexistent not so long ago.

But in a world where mobile phones can do pretty much everything, the mobile blogging service is also expanding and is already starting to become increasingly crowded. Cingular Wireless has already announced that in the future it will offer the MySpaceservice on mobiles to subscribers.
Mdog.com is also joining in with a portal for mobile phones that is meant to enhance mobile browsing experience as well as optimize websites for viewing on mobile devices. Also, as of now, you can freely post and read blog entries, upload photos or leave comments on any blog, by simply using your web-enabled mobile device.

Blogs on all major services including Blogger, Wordpress, Typead, Xanga, Blogs.com, AOL Blogs and Livejournal are formatted for web-enabled mobile devices through the portal for mobile blogging. In fact, with mdog, you will be able to do everything you can do with your internet browser on your computer, which, of course includes reading and updating your blog in real-time, from anywhere, with the help of your web-enabled mobile phone, without needing to download or install any additional applications.

"The major blogging services helped make blogging a mass phenomenon by making it easy for non-technical bloggers to get up and running quickly. We believe we can do the same thing for mobile blogging," Mr. Gerard said.
I tried the demo by typing in this address http://elegantly-expressed.blogspot.com/ and it is pretty cool. It does what it says !

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